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During last few years there have been significant breakthroughs in the field of diagnosis of infection parameters like HBV, HCV, CMV, MTB, HSV by molecular based methods, which leads to facilitating improved disease management. Molecular diagnosis of infectious parameters have evolved from conventional end point PCR to the Real Time PCR platform for more sensitive diagnosis of infection. This very advanced area of diagnosis not only limits into successful detection but also it has now provision for the quantification of viral / bacterial load which has made the disease management much simplified. This molecular platform of the diagnosis of infection parameters can be utilized for prognostication and to assess the efficiency of anti-viral / anti-bacterial treatments. This molecular based guideline also guides pre – emptive therapy and indicate the risk of clinical relapse or drug resistance.

The molecular platform for the detection of infection parameters has even overcome the challenges of great variability of viral genotypes. There has been enough research for the development, evaluation and validation of a molecular based assay to provide accurate quantification of infection parameter in a patient plasma sample. Thus incorporation of molecular based method for detection of infection parameter has given modern science a new direction towards precision and specificity. The high sensitivity, good reproducibility and genotype inclusivity combined with the requirement of very small sample volume within reasonable cost has made molecular based infection detection methods well suited for Diagnostic application.